Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photos from the AAC Summer Outing in the Adirondacks

Ausable Club between two heads, from the summit of Giant

John Tiernan and Phil Erard

Purple trillium, South face of Giant

Andrew Miller between boulder and hard place, Rocky Peak

Trillium on descent of Giant to Roaring Brook

Big boulder near Bald Peak, with Rocky Peak on the right

Dianne Lob at Owl's Head Lookout

New Cascade slide across the Valley

Joe DiSaverio and Wayne Wilson

Interesting sculpture on top of Pitchoff
Conor Moran pointing out the High Peaks of the Great Range on the First Brother on the way to Big Slide

Mary Margaret Anderson on her first rock climb

Lisa Andrews on TR at the Beer Walls

After hiking over Bald Mountain, Rocky Peak and Rocky Peak Ridge from Route 9

On top of Rocky Peak on the way to Giant

Bob Hall climbing on Shelving Rock near Lake George

John Tiernan and Joe DiSaverio on Pitchoff

View from Giant after hail and rain storm