Thursday, June 10, 2010

John Tiernan at the Summer Outing

6-5-2010--Along the trail to Marcy Dam we came to this beaver dam that, as you see, held water some 4 ft above the trail surface. But note that the dam farther back is about the same height again, so that pond's level is more like 8 ft above the trail. Woe to anyone walking that trail when the dam fails. But the beavers' engineering is uncanny.

June 5, 2010--John Tiernan led The March of the Amazons over Avalanche Pass to Avalanche Lake. From left are Laurie Weisman, Leslie Barrett, Ela Bialek, Rosza Schlenker, Tiernan, and Rose Sculley back at Marcy Dam, with John refusing to admit a chest infection to which he later had to defer. Photo by Mark Kassner.

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