Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ausable Club Weekend Photos from John Tiernan

On Saturday, June 23rd, finding the Garden parking lot full in Keene Valley, Wayne Wilson and I dropped our plan to explore the new Bennie's Brook slide, and redirected to the Marcy Dam fire-truck trail to investigate the other new slide at Avalanche Pass.

Shortly after we arrived at the new Avalanche Pass Slide and the lake, a thunderstorm came in and chased us to a cave we'd spotted on the way in, where we sat out the downpour. But because of all the rain we didn't get onto the slide.

Sunday morning after the pancake breakfast I went to see the other new slide on Cascade Mountain and climbed a few hundred feet of elevation till the incline exceeded 40 degrees and I backed off to try again when I have company.

All the new slides we saw look like exciting Class 4 ways to get to summits, and we understand that the slide on Bennie's Brook connects bottom to top with no detours.
--submitted by John Tiernan
Note the double fall-line, to the left and to the bottom, on the new Avalanche Pass slide.

Two years later, where the beaver dam had been on the trail to Marcy Dam, showing effect of Hurricane Irene.

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